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Residents own, govern and are the community.

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is a resident-owned, resident-governed community. That means you’re more than just someone who lives at the community. You are the community.

Come for a visit, and own your future.

Meet with a sales counselor to see how equity ownership can protect your nest egg.


What is equity ownership?

We understand how important financial security is. That’s why we offer a unique membership equity plan that gives you the opportunity to preserve your investment. We are one of the few retirement communities in the Bay area to offer this equity ownership financial model, which allows you to protect your estate by maximizing your financial return.

True ownership with real benefits

This equity plan gives you true ownership advantages. You enjoy tax benefits and the ability to sell at any time. You may be able to receive your full investment back plus a portion of appreciation when you do well, which preserves your estate and helps you leave a legacy for your family as part of your estate planning.

Through equity ownership, each Resident shares in the future appreciation of his or her membership upon resale. Compare this to “entrance fee” financial plans where little or no return on the initial investment is received.

How equity ownership works

As members of a nonprofit stock cooperative, residents buy a property interest in The Forum at Rancho San Antonio. Instead of renting a residence, you enjoy the tax benefits and equity preservation associated with home ownership. Memberships have varying values, depending upon the size of the residence chosen and other factors.

When a membership is sold, members share in equity and appreciation, giving them the chance to preserve — and potentially increase — the value of their investment in The Forum at Rancho San Antonio.

As a Forum Resident-owner, you can choose to contribute through the Retirement Housing Corporation (RHC) or Retirement Services, Inc. (RSI), chair a committee, introduce initiatives, or volunteer at your leisure.

“Having a say is what makes us different. We have a voice. Equity ownership gives us some power to make decisions.”

- Norma Marcus, resident
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Real tax benefits

In addition to the membership price, each person pays an enhancement fee, which may be tax-deductible the year of purchase. Health Care Center fees and a portion of occupancy fees may boost tax deductions toward medical, mortgage interest, and property taxes. When selling your membership, the exit fee and costs to sell could also hold tax benefits.

Membership control

As a resident-owner, you can contribute to how the community operates. Whether you participate on the Resident Board, serve on a committee, or simply want to voice your opinion, your input matters.

The process of selling your membership

As a member of The Forum at Rancho San Antonio, you also have the right to sell your membership at any time. While the real estate market can impact results, it’s possible to receive back your full initial investment and 50% of appreciation, minus fees and customary closing costs upon the sale of your membership (fees total approximately 10% of the selling price and include commission, closing costs and The Forum at Rancho San Antonio’s Health Care exit and market fees). Our staff will assist you in listing, showing and facilitating your sale.

If you sell your membership to help cover the costs of a permanent move to our Health Care Center, sale proceeds can be put toward a no-interest loan secured by a promissory note to the Health Care Center Corporation. The loan balance will be repaid to you or your estate when you leave The Forum at Rancho San Antonio.

Shaping the community today, preserving your estate for tomorrow. That’s The Forum at Rancho San Antonio difference.

Bay Area Fire Update


With progress made in the battle to protect residents and communities from the impact of these latest fires; we are thankful to report that any evacuation plans for our community have been lifted.  We will continue to monitor the developments along with updates from local officials to determine any decisions moving forward.  Any additional updates will be posted to this location on the website.  We are extremely grateful for all of the work done by first responders to protect our surrounding communities.

As the situation evolves we will provide updates to our website.

If you have a question related to this situation please call the community at the following number at (650) 944-0100.

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