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A forum for collaboration

Retirement Housing Corporation (RHC)
A California, Mutual Benefits, Not-for-Profit Corporation

Governs all aspects of The Forum in conjunction with the Executive Director.

The RHC Board members are Forum residents elected by the membership.

Mary Ann Somerville

RHC President

Gail Woolley

RHC Vice President

Philine Rallapalli

RHC Secretary

Philip Grinstead

RHC Treasurer

Jay Jonekait

RHC Board Member

Larry Johnson

RHC Board Member

Bob Street

RHC Board Member

Retirement Services, Inc. (RSI)

The RSI Board of Directors are residents and community professionals appointed by the RHC Board of Directors.

Lily Young, MD

RSI President

Mim Vasan

RSI Vice President

Kathy Brown

RSI Treasurer

Ellyn Bush, MD

RSI Board Member

Sharon Brauman

RSI Board Member

Phil Sunshine, MD

RSI Board Member

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