Wide open spaces. Close connections.

Along with our staff, our lifestyle and our unique equity ownership model, our residents are what makes our community so special. They have a magical connection with one other, with our community, and with our extraordinary setting. Our community attracts people who love walking and hiking in the wide-open spaces of the Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space Preserve, but who also crave close ties to others. Here are a few stories of residents’ experience at The Forum.

Meet trail walkers and wildlife spotters

“One of the best things about living at The Forum is that we are adjacent to the Rancho San Antonio preserve with beautiful trails to walk. We don’t worry about the crowded parking lots, we just go out the door and go. Often, we see deer and wild turkeys.

We also enjoy walking the ridge behind The Forum, where we have a beautiful view of the valley below.

Residents at The Forum are friendly and interesting people. “The food is excellent and the staff members are super helpful. We love the pool and the fitness center and playing volleyball. If something needs fixing, we just contact maintenance and they respond quickly. What a good decision we made to come here!” — Patti and Ed White, residents

Meet Colorado transplants

“My husband and I moved to the Forum from Colorado four years ago. We were eager to live closer to our daughter and her family but also concerned about forming friendships and finding community in a new area. The Forum has been a perfect answer to these concerns as we’ve been welcomed by friendly, interesting people.

We enjoy a good balance between our own independent activities and group ones offered here. Our favorite feature is the adjacent Rancho San Antonio county park and its scenic trails. The meals are excellent and offer great variety. We are thrilled that we accomplished the downsizing and moving experience and now enjoy the simplicity of our two-bedroom unit. Also, our daughters are relieved that we can find needed care and services when we grow older.  We’ve never regretted our change and highly recommend the Forum! — Joan Graham. resident

Meet a passionate participant

“Not for one moment in the last 8 years and 3 months have my husband and I regretted choosing The Forum as our home for the later years of our lives.

The Forum’s unique location on the Peninsula next to the Rancho San Antonio County Park sets it apart for the openness and the surrounding natural beauty. Just a step away into the Park to walk or hike in nature, to hear the sounds of birds and to see children and their parents walking by are blessings that nourish one’s mind, body and spirit.

As an Equity-owned Life Plan Community for seniors, The Forum offers boundless opportunities for involved residents to participate in the life of the community. I have been privileged to join and to learn from being a member of the Wellness Committee and the Board of Directors for the Health Care Center. Working with staff, management and fellow residents with diverse professional backgrounds has enriched my life immensely.

My life at The Forum has been anything but a life of retirement. Rather it has given me the chance to redirect my energies and interest to live my life as fully as I can.” — Dr. Lily M. Young, resident

Meet value seekers

“My wife and I have been residents of Massachusetts for our entire married and professional career. In 2013, we decided to look for a Life Care Community in the bay area since our youngest daughter and family live in Palo Alto. We visited various Life Care Communities near Palo Alto and decided that The Forum was to be our new home.

We loved the beauty of its location and we were delighted with the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff and residents. We have been very happy with our Forum life for the past eight years. We are pleased that this is a resident-owned cooperative community so that residents have full control of their lifestyle and destiny from a business point of view, we know that The Forum is the best value of the Life Care Communities we visited in this area. As a retired physician I am thrilled that no resident in Independent Living, Memory Care or Assisted Living has been sick with COVID-19 and that 99% of residents and 95% of staff has had their vaccination, far better than the national average. In summary, moving to The Forum was one of the best decisions that my wife and I have ever made.” — The Fischbeins, residents

Meet social butterflies

“My wife and I moved into the Forum about nine years ago. It was a very wise decision. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t congratulate one another for it. We are both convinced that many years of healthy living have been added to our lifespans as a result.

I am especially grateful to the Forum management for the super job they did in keeping us safe from COVID-19. Not a single case among Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care residents.

I love our spectacular 54-acre site next to Rancho San Antonio County Park. My wife and I enjoy our daily walk on the high rounds. I swim in our beautiful pool several times a week. I enjoy the company of three other men playing bocce ball once a week.

My wife and I have made lifelong friends here whose company we often enjoy at lunch or dinner.

We value the fact that as resident owners we have the opportunity to participate in the Forum’s governance.

We are confident that when the next phase of our lives comes around, we will be lovingly taken care of at our award-winning Health Care Center.” — Michael Zaharias, resident

Meet the early birds

“The Forum is a wonderfully unique place for seniors to live and thrive. There are many areas to volunteer in, from making and repairing items in your woodshed to decorating our halls and other public areas for holidays, to being a member of our 100% resident Board of Directors, to having a say in our Food Committee — and many more.

We have daily exercise classes — online since COVID-19, a breathtakingly beautiful location adjacent to hiking areas in the Open Space Preserve along Cristo Rey Drive in Cupertino. Our residents quickly become your new “best friends” and our cost is a bargain compared to other similar senior living locations in our area. Biggest complaint I’ve ever heard here is “Wish I had come earlier, it’s a great place to live!” We did come earlier and are so glad we did.” — Mary Elizabeth O’Connor, resident



See why residents love it here.

From a heated pool to our putting green, discover amenities that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

residents enjoying themselves

See how residents connect.

From an hour-long yoga class to a weeklong trip, our activities are designed to bring residents together.


Bay Area Fire Update


With progress made in the battle to protect residents and communities from the impact of these latest fires; we are thankful to report that any evacuation plans for our community have been lifted.  We will continue to monitor the developments along with updates from local officials to determine any decisions moving forward.  Any additional updates will be posted to this location on the website.  We are extremely grateful for all of the work done by first responders to protect our surrounding communities.

As the situation evolves we will provide updates to our website.

If you have a question related to this situation please call the community at the following number at (650) 944-0100.

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