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Wide open spaces. Close connections.

Along with our staff, our lifestyle and our unique equity ownership model, our residents are what makes our community so special. They have a magical connection with one other, with our community, and with our extraordinary setting. Our community attracts people who love walking and hiking in the wide-open spaces of the Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space Preserve, but who also crave close ties to others. Here are a few stories of residents’ experience at The Forum.

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Meet our residents.

Come for a visit and get to know your fascinating new neighbors.

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Meet the new kids on the block

“David and I made our decision to move to The Forum when Jackie was head of the sales department. We have been walking the beam and eagerly watching the construction of the villas ever since. We know almost all of the new villa owners. Everyone is so nice. When we have visited The Forum over the years, everyone has been welcoming and friendly.”

“We are finally official members of The Forum family.” Carol Jury, resident

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Meet So Cal transplants

“We moved to The Forum from southern California almost 10 years ago. In the process of evaluating alternative new homes, we visited most of the senior residences in the area and found The Forum to best meet our needs. The Forum has a full range of services, a well educated and interesting group of residents and is in a wonderful bucolic location adjacent to the regional park Rancho San Antonio.

After we moved in we quickly met the friendliest and most helpful neighbors that we had ever known. Many of them have become very good friends. Even though we did not come from a local community we got integrated into so many activities. Our life could not be fuller or more fun!” Steve and Fran Conley, residents

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Meet a passionate participant

“Not for one moment in the last 8 years and 3 months have my husband and I regretted choosing The Forum as our home for the later years of our lives.

The Forum’s unique location on the Peninsula next to the Rancho San Antonio County Park sets it apart for the openness and the surrounding natural beauty. Just a step away into the Park to walk or hike in nature, to hear the sounds of birds and to see children and their parents walking by are blessings that nourish one’s mind, body and spirit.

As an Equity-owned Life Plan Community for seniors, The Forum offers boundless opportunities for involved residents to participate in the life of the community. I have been privileged to join and to learn from being a member of the Wellness Committee and the Board of Directors for the Health Care Center. Working with staff, management and fellow residents with diverse professional backgrounds has enriched my life immensely.

My life at The Forum has been anything but a life of retirement. Rather it has given me the chance to redirect my energies and interest to live my life as fully as I can.” — Dr. Lily M. Young, resident

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Meet value seekers

“So many times we find ourselves saying to each other….”moving to The Forum was the best decision we’ve made!” We are enjoying carefree living, allowing us to have free time to enjoy our golden years. No worries about maintenance, housekeeping, meals, transportation, if needed, and an endless variety of activities to suit anyone’s interest.

We find the location of The Forum very convenient to access the freeway in any direction …..north, south, east or west….you can flow from one freeway to another. What’s especially special are the residents. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Our community is like one big extended family.

As we age, an important feature is that The Forum is a continuing care facility….you can transition from independent living to assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care when your need arises without having to move away from The Forum community. This allows for convenient visitations from your spouse and fellow Forum residents.

Even though we downsized when we moved to The Forum, we love our villa and couldn’t be happier here. Paul and Norma, residents

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Meet a grateful community member

“The Forum Life as we knew it at The Forum abruptly came to a stop on March 16th 2020, due to the Pandemic. No one knew how long it was going to last. The dining room which was the hub of our social life was to be closed, 3 meals a day were going to be delivered to our door step. The leadership sprang into action to keep all the residents safe. Even though we miss all the fun activities that filled our days, I felt safe & well cared for.

One of the Team members, in my case Nancy Kao, calls every day to see if we are doing well. Nancy has not missed even one day in the last 7 months. What really impressed me was when the fire was getting close to our campus, the management quickly put together a plan to transport & house all the residents from the Independent & Assisted living units. Fortunately we did not have to evacuate .

To the credit of the Leadership, so far there are no Covid 19 infections in our vulnerable community. We are well fed, entertained & cared for. I am lucky to be at The Forum.” Jay Noble, resident

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Meet a fulfilled resident

“We initially moved to The Forum for practical reasons: we needed to ensure we had a plan in place for healthcare in the event one or both of us needed additional care. We also had two relatives with happy experiences at The Forum—both in independent and assisted living. We simply could not find a similar facility on a par with The Forum in the area. It was an easy decision.

However, after moving to The Forum, we had even more reasons for being happy with our decision. The camaraderie among residents, the friendliness of the staff and management team, and the array of activities for continuing to enjoy life all add up to the best possible situation for us. The WoodShop, the fitness programs, and programs with a wide range of stimulating outings and talks have enriched our lives.” Nick Carter, resident


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See why residents love it here.

From a heated pool to our putting green, discover amenities that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

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See how residents connect.

From an hour-long yoga class to a weeklong trip, our activities are designed to bring residents together.

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