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In a magnificent display of creativity and sustainability, residents at The Forum at Rancho San Antonio have breathed life into the Lunar New Year celebrations by crafting a stunning life-size dragon from recycled materials. This awe-inspiring artwork, set to be unveiled on Wednesday, February 7, promises to be a highlight of The Forum’s Lunar New Year festivities celebrating the year of the dragon, and serves as a testament to the spirit of The Forum as a community and their commitment to cultural diversity and sustainability, meshed with the vibrant traditions of the Lunar New Year.

The Dragon Project, initiated mid-September 2023, was a labor of love and dedication by the Dragon Crew: Eleanor S., Dieu-Thuong L., Beth S., Sharon B., Keibun S., Carol C., and Rowena C. who meticulously repurposed various materials such as old paper bags, newspapers, bubble wrap, and a pillowcase dipped in glue and painted pink to line the inner jaw. Old cardboard and Chanukah cards were made into scales which cover the dragon’s body. The dragon measures an impressive 12 feet and has scales like a carp, a camel head, ears like an ox, horns like a deer and crafted ingeniously without template or pattern. The Dragon is made with such intricate detail it looks like those seen on parade floats.

“We wanted to create something truly special for the Lunar New Year, and what better way to do it than by creatively repurposing materials,” remarked Rowena C., one of the project’s lead organizers. “It was a super team effort and we had so much fun together!  Special thanks to Ling S. for the use of her garage and Paul U. for delivery of card table and chairs to prop up the dragon. The dragon represents strength and good fortune, and we hope it brings joy to all who see it.”

“The Lunar New Year festivities at The Forum promise to be a celebration of creativity, resilience, and intercultural unity, said Nancy Kao, Executive Director. “I commend the Dragon Crew for this extraordinary creation, which stands as a symbol of hope, renewal, and the enduring strength of our community spirit.”

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is a beautifully designed resort-style Life Plan community located in the foothills where Cupertino meets Los Altos and offers a vibrant and fulfilling retirement experience with luxurious amenities, upscale services and engaging social programming. The Forum is well known as an industry leader for its use of innovative technology, sustainability best practices and its dedication to excellence in every facet of care.

February 8th Update

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is excited to announce the installation of our majestic dragon sculpture and as we usher in the Lunar New Year, we welcome the spirit of new beginnings and cultural richness by incorporating this iconic symbol into our space. The dragon’s presence serves as a reminder of resilience, harmony, and the power of community.

The installation of the dragon is a testament to The Forum’s dedication to embracing cultural diversity and fostering a sense of inclusivity within our community. In a heartwarming ceremony, residents came together to witness the dragon being lifted to its perch above the lower lobby of the community building. As the dragon danced and weaved through the air, it brought joy and excitement to all who witnessed this remarkable display of artistry and tradition.

During the ceremonial proceedings, our Executive Director, Nancy Kao, was given the honor of painting the white dot in the dragon’s eye, symbolizing the infusion of life and spirit into the grand creation. This not only commemorates tradition but also showcases the community’s dedication to cultural diversity and unity.

“We are thrilled to mark the Lunar New Year with the installation of our dragon sculpture,” said Nancy Kao, Executive Director. “This symbolizes our commitment to diversity, prosperity, and a bright future ahead.”


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