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The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is a beautifully designed resort-style Life Plan community well-known as an industry leader for its use of innovative technology, sustainability best practices and its dedication to excellence in every facet of care. The Forum is not just a place to live, but a vibrant, self-governed community offering a wide range of living experiences.

The Forum’s expansive 51-acre campus is a blend of natural beauty and upscale grace. The Community building’s entryway conveys a warm sophisticated ambiance, bustling with residents who are genuinely friendly and with staff who are welcoming and very accommodating. Established in 1991, The Forum represents a paradigm shift in senior living. Refining the standard of senior living, The Forum exemplifies the perfect balance between the sophistication of a high-end resort blended with the best in supportive care and health services.

The Forum’s independent living boasts 83 Villas and 259 spacious apartment homes with gourmet dining venues, state of the art fitness center and fitness classes, swimming pool and spa, woodworking shop, a plethora of excursions to theater, museums, etc. and lifelong learning opportunities, just to name a few. “Year after year, we have earned the prestigious 5-star Medicare rating for our skilled nursing care. We also offer recently expanded assisted living, stellar rehabilitation, and a brand-new memory care residence, Daffodil Ridge, which brings together caregivers, programming and technology in a thoughtfully designed setting designed to deliver exceptional care in every way,” states Nancy Kao, Executive Director. Nancy has over 30 years of experience in the senior living sector and a tenure of 23 years at The Forum and Life Care Services. Nancy has been instrumental in driving innovation and excellence at The Forum.

Pioneering Wellness and Care: A Comprehensive Approach

It was the early 1980’s and as the longevity of our senior population increased, a group of visionaries from the El Camino Hospital District saw an opportunity to provide a service to cater to their needs, and the development of the CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) or Life Plan community began.

The Forum was the first CCRC in Northern California to create a fully functioning Wellness department. The key objective of the department is to design, develop, and help residents execute a personal health and wellness plan and to successfully navigate and manage any chronic conditions that may arise. This proactive approach is crucial to allowing our residents to stay independent for as long as possible.

In The Forum’s philosophy, health and wellness are synchronized. As Executive Director Nancy Kao puts it, “At The Forum, all our services, amenities, programs, and activities are geared towards enabling individuals to achieve their fullest potential in physical, social, and mental well-being as they age.”  The Wellness department works closely with all departments to ensure there is a full array of healthy programs, activities, menus, classes, and events designed to promote a balanced lifestyle and cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences so our residents can individualize their health journey.

The Forum offers all levels of care on one campus allowing our residents to maintain independence and age gracefully within the community they know and trust. It also extends its care spectrum to include various rehabilitative services, such as speech, occupational, and physical therapies. The integration of all services into one campus helps foster a deeper sense of community which is evident in the friendliness and familial atmosphere.

Vibrant Aging

Resort-style senior living communities like The Forum are trending because they offer a vibrant and fulfilling retirement experience with luxurious amenities, upscale services and engaging social programming, which appeals to the 70 million baby boomers just starting to enter the pool of potential residents. Life Plan communities are seeing a shift in the age range of their residents as younger retirees want to enjoy everything that a resort-style community has to offer earlier in life. They want the freedom that a Life Plan community gives them so they can spend their time traveling the world, focusing on family, and simply enjoying life.

What truly sets The Forum apart is the profound sense of community and pride in membership among its residents. The Forum is governed by two resident board of directors, and with more than 40 clubs, committees, and interest groups, it is easy to see why The Forum places immense value on its community. “The residents and staff are central to the thriving and compassionate atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on overall well-being and satisfaction,” As Nancy Kao emphasizes, “Our approach as a Senior Living community, centers on maximizing our unique location, embracing our equity ownership model, and focusing on the well-being of our residents and staff.”

Innovative Leadership 

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio embraces technology, practices sustainability, and focuses on modernization, continually raising the industry standards of senior living. Since its inception, The Forum has been a beacon of innovation and quality in senior care. Recognized for its technological advancements, The Forum was honored with McKnight’s “Excellence in Technology” Gold Award for its groundbreaking Smart Monitoring technology in Memory Care. This recognition highlights The Forum’s commitment to high-quality care and efficiency.

Nancy Kao says, “receiving this award from McKnight’s is an incredible honor. When we were designing our new Memory Care building, we had the perfect opportunity to be the first to introduce the latest in cutting-edge technology to support high-quality resident safety practices for our Memory Care.” She further adds, “We are already seeing incredible results with our residents and realizing better efficiency with our care teams.”

Sustainability is a cornerstone of The Forum’s culture. With over half of its prospects showing an ardent interest in environmentally friendly living, The Forum has aligned its operations with sustainable best practices, including adopting ISO 14001 standards and achieving the prestigious LEED Gold certification for its Memory Care building. Sustainability improves our quality of life, safeguards the ecosystem, and preserves nature’s precious natural resources for the forthcoming generations. The installation of solar panels and the transition to an all-electric fleet further highlight The Forum’s commitment to a sustainable future. Nancy Kao says, “At The Forum, we have always taken pride in our reputation as an innovative Life Plan Community. Today, we extend that pride to our steadfast commitment to sustainability.” The Forum’s commitment to innovative solutions, exceptional care, and a sustainable future solidifies its position as an industry leader.

The Forum at Rancho San Antonio is refining the standard of senior living through its high quality of care and genuine sense of community, The Forum is more than just a place to live, it is a home full of family and friends dedicated to enhancing the experience of aging vibrantly and gracefully.


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