Your_Move_Choosing_Right_Community_photoYou want a senior living community that reflects your personal style and feels comfortable and welcoming. Make a list of communities and visit each one. Talk to neighbors and staff. Are they friendly and genuine? Have lunch. Is the food good? Check the calendar. Does the community offer activities that you enjoy? Is management open to adding new ones?

Of course, a community needs to be more than a fun place to live. It should be appropriate for now as well as the future when you may need health care or assistance. Does the community offer health services? What’s the cost? What does the community do to promote everyday wellness?

Jot down your questions and take them with you. After comparing your options, surely a clear winner will emerge.

Talking with your family? Say This


Visiting a community? Take these questions with you.

Who owns and manages the community? Is it a stable, reputable company?

What are all of the costs and fees? What's included?

Do I rent, own or have lifetime occupancy rights? How does it affect my estate?

Does it provide support services as my needs change? Is that cost included?

Is medical care available at the community and nearby? What are the costs?

Does the health care center accept Medicare and/or long-term care insurance?

What activities, amenities and services are offered?

Are pets allowed?

Is there a waiting list to get in?


Download a printable version of these questions to take with you on a community visit: