What Is Continuing Care?

If you're a planner, you'll love Continuing Care. As your lifestyle changes, it ensures you have easy access to services that meet your needs. At The Forum you never have to worry about where you'll go if you need care after a hospital visit, physical therapy for an injury, or even assisted living or skilled nursing care. Our on-site, full-service, 5-Star Health Care Center offers all of this, and more.

In fact, 90 days of care are automatically included. Additional days are available at a discounted rate. Certain supportive services, from blood pressure checks to minor treatments, are provided in our Wellness Center at no cost. We even offer in-home services, if needed, for a reasonable fee. It's a smart way to plan and pay for future health care at an affordable, predictable cost.

5-Star Health Care
Our skilled nursing care is 5-Star Medicare rated.

Open to Everyone
Our Health Care Center is open to the public and accepts Medicare A and B, and residents paying privately.

Continuing Care at The Forum gives you the best of all worlds