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Integrated Wellness Through a Continuum of Care.

Our mission statement is “to remain a community that embraces a culture of friendship, health and purpose”. At The Forum, “Health” and “Wellness” go hand-in-hand. The Forum offers Wellness Center services, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Medicare 5-star rated Skilled Nursing in our Health Care Center.

Our Wellness Center and Health Care Center offer a full array of healthy lifestyle activities and programs designed to empower your personal pursuit of a balanced life. We’ve created a roadmap for this journey that we call our “Eight Dimensions of Wellness”.

Physical fitness.

People who are physically and mentally active have an increased sense of wellness. Enjoy Sit & Be Fit® exercises, personal training, lap swimming, agility exercises and scheduled hikes in the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.

Personal health planning.

Our Wellness Center is equipped to help residents design, develop and implement a personal health and wellness plan. Our staff monitors diabetes, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment, hearing loss and visual impairment. The Residents add their own personal goals and objectives.

Cognitive, emotional and physical support.

Life, at times, can be extremely challenging. Our well-trained, compassionate caregivers can recognize a change of status physically, cognitively or emotionally, or listen empathetically to the trials, losses and transition of others.

Environmental enhancement.

The Forum’s goal is to maintain a pleasant setting to enhance Residents’ overall sense of wellness. We encourage their active involvement, and provide opportunities to attend lectures to learn how to help protect our natural environment.

Spiritual growth.

Inner peace and spiritual wellness are important components to living balanced lives and seeking serenity. We offer the opportunity to foster meditation, pray across multiple religions, try Tai Chi or stretch with yoga.

Healthy nutrition.

For the Residents with diet restrictions, our Registered Dietitian and Executive Chef create menus that are delicious while also addressing their needs, including no or low sodium meals, low-calorie foods, vegetarian choices, seafood selections and low sugar desserts.

Social and volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering is a hallmark of living at The Forum. Residents can interact in a variety of ways: by reading to visually impaired Residents, volunteering in our Country Store, starting a rubber of bridge, playing music, singing, or joining us for cocktails.

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Eight Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Physical fitness
  2. Personal health planning
  3. Cognitive emotional and physical support
  4. Environmental enhancement
  5. Spiritual growth
  6. Social and volunteer opportunities
  7. Healthy nutrition
  8. Intellectual growth
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